Monday, February 25, 2008

I hate work

Ahhh, seems like spring is here. I know, I know...i shouldn't have written a word, now we'll get snowstorms until May. But you must admit, 17 degree celcius on february afternoon in Sarajevo is a nice treat.

Usually by this time we're either still in a deep freeze and paying ridiculous gas bills or we are sludging around on wet, muddy, slushy, icy streets that the zimska sluzba have so kindly
'cleaned' for us. And regardless of whether we're in a deep freeze or slush mode, the city often chokes us with smog. Living up on the hillside where their are no apartment blocks, I get the delicacy of coal smoke. When's the last time you inhaled a deep breath of low quality coal. Let me tell you, it burns deep - real deep - into the belly of your lungs. Not to mention that is scorches the cilia off of the inside of your nose like napalm.

But like i said, it's a gorgeous day, so let's talk about that. There is one thing, well many things really, but for the sake of this blog let's say 'one thing', that i love about this place. We'll march on like little wooden soldiers during the rain, cold or snow. Come just a hint of nice weather and I get the impression that the entire city calls in sick. Cafe's spring to life....the dusty chairs and tables that have occupied the basement or cafe corners are brushed off and placed in the basking sun. Waiting line only if there is even a slight ray of sun beaming in on the location. I'm not sure if its the coffee culture (which, of course, makes the world go 'round. Not love, like they told us when reading us bedtime stories as children), or the "i don't give a shit about work culture.' Either one....i love it!

So its almost noon, 17 degrees and sunny and this fool is writing his blog. I shall save my comments for a more darker time of the day my friends. So i leave my work, fully embracing the 'kafa, boli me neke stvar za posao kultura', to sit on carsija and have a 1 KM bosanska kafa with rahatlokum. Life is good. Do believe. Vozdra.


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